These are the Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

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People who have a strong passion for music typically play a musical instrument. Aside from the musical joy that playing a musical instrument can bring to you, it has many mental and physical benefits. So, here are ten benefits of playing a musical instrument.

1.) Memory capacity increases

One of the largest mental benefits of playing a musical instrument is that it helps to increase your memory capacity. Numerous research studies have shown that playing a musical instrument, and even listening to music, helps to increase how much audio information your brain can store, as well as your overall memory.

2.) Teaches perseverance


It’s important to realize that mastering how to play a musical instrument doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort until you will be able to successfully play a musical instrument. The overall process of learning how to play an instruments teaches you how to find perseverance, even when you feel unmotivated.

3.) Coordination enhancement

Playing a musical instrument means you need to be able to play the instrument while simultaneously reading sheet music. When you read sheet music and play your instrument you brain converts the sheet music into learned motor patterns and even helps you regulate your breathing and rhythm. This whole process requires coordination, and when you master it, your overall coordination will enhance.

4.) Increases mathematical ability

When you play a musical instrument, you have to learn how to read sheet music. Sheet music includes various notes and rhythms that take time to learn and understand. Most people don’t know but music and math are connected in a few ways. There are even studies that show musicians are often better at mathematics, and other related subjects.

5.) Responsibility increases


If you play a musical instrument, it’s important that you regularly clean it and keep it up to date. Musical instruments often need oil or some form of greasing, as well as a general cleaning. Making sure that you keep your musical instrument in good condition will teach you responsibility.

6.) Sharpens concentration

Whether you play a musical instrument by yourself or in a group, it requires a ton of concentration. It’s important that you focus and become an expert on things like pitch, note duration, and the overall quality of the music that you’re playing.

7.) Relieves stress through self-expression



Many musicians use music as a way to relieve stress and express their deepest emotions. Expressing their stress and feelings through music is a healthy way to cope with life. Music has been proven to be so beneficial that psychologists have even started to use music therapy.

8.) Promotes social skills

Many people who have a strong passion for music and can play an instrument typically end up joining a club, band, or orchestra to share their passion for music with others. Interacting and communicating with other musicians will help you expand your social skills.

9.) Teaches discipline

Students preparing to play musical instruments

Learning how to play a musical instrument takes a lot of time and practice. If you want to excel at playing a musical instrument you have to have enough responsibility and maturity to learn new techniques and practice. This type of strict discipline will also help you in other areas of your life, such as work and school.

10.) Enhances respiratory system

Most musical instruments require musicians to use the maximum amount of air to correctly play them. Taking huge breaths periodically helps strengthen your respiratory system. Thus, playing a musical instrument for a long period of time will help you strengthen and expand your respiratory system.

My Reviews of the Best Acoustic Guitars

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Whether you’re a beginner or expert guitar player, it is important to have a fantastic acoustic guitar that can be used as your go-to guitar for writing music, practicing, and even playing live shows. Since there are thousands of acoustic guitars on the market, it can be difficult to decipher which ones are better than the others. Instead of spending countless hours researching the top acoustic guitars, continue below for a comprehensive list of my reviews of the best acoustic guitars.

1.) Fender 961596221


Whether you are new to playing guitar, or you have been playing guitar since you can remember, you have heard about the guitar manufacturer Fender. Fender is one of the leading guitar manufacturers in the world, so it shouldn’t surprise you that a Fender guitar is the first acoustic guitar on my list. The Fender 961596221 retails at $230 and has a mahogany dreadnought styled body. The fingerboard has 20 frets and the typical 3mm inlays. Other features include; a built-in tuner, bracing in a scalloped design, and a hard-shell case that makes it safe and easy to transport this guitar.

2.) Washburn WD7S

The next guitar on my list is the Washburn WD7S. Priced at $169, the Washburn WD7S is often regarded as one of the best acoustic guitars for beginner guitar players. This acoustic guitar features a spruce body with an overall classic dreadnought style. A sleek mahogany is featured on either side of the Washburn WD7S, as well as on the back. A chic and glossy finish overlays the wooden design to provide a clean exterior that will withstand through time. Between the steel strings and typical guitar fretboard, the Washburn WD7S provides beginner guitar players with an easy-to-use design that will ease the process of mastering how to play the guitar.

3.) Fender Sonoran SCE


The Fender Sonoran SCE is another fantastic guitar manufactured by Fender. This Fender guitar retails at $350, and is perfect for people who are intermediate to expert acoustic guitar players. The top of the guitar is made with a classic solid spruce, and the sides and back of the Fender Sonoran SCE are made with mahogany. The whole guitar is laminated with a matte finish to create a durable and chic design. Aside from the typical 20 fret fingerboard that lays on the maple neck, the Fender Sonoran SCE features; a cone saddle, advanced bracing, the renowned Fishman Isys III system, and a tuner.

4.) Epiphone Hummingbird Artist

The Epiphone Hummingbird Artist provides musicians with the classic stripped-down town that most people look for in a fantastic acoustic guitar. Although the Epiphone Hummingbird Artist is cheaply priced at $230, the sound quality and durability of the overall guitar rivals some of the most expensive and renowned guitars on the market. Although most of the popular acoustic guitars have a dreadnought design, there are some phenomenal acoustic guitars with a hummingbird design, such as this one. Renowned artists, such as The Rolling Stones and Sheryl Crow prefer a hummingbird acoustic guitar over other designs. The Epiphone Hummingbird Artist honors the quality and design of the classic hummingbird design while creating a chic style with a spruce and mahogany blend. Other features include; a fingerboard made out of rosewood, a pickguard styled cut for the soundhole frame, and a slim neck.

5.) Seagull S6 Original QI


The last acoustic guitar on my list is the Seagull S6 Original QI. The Seagull S6 Original QI is priced at $407 and has the best acoustic electric guitar reviews out of the most popular acoustic electric guitars. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this guitar has some of the best reviews, as it has won many awards for its impeccable design. Wild cherry covers the back and sides, silver-leaf maple takes over the neck of the guitar, and the fingerboard is made out of classic rosewood. The specially crafted neck, fully constructed saddle, and tuning technology work together to help the Seagull S6 Original Qi create a phenomenal sound that is incomparable to any other acoustic guitar. If you want to learn more about the Seagull S6 Original QI, and similar guitars that are used by some of the most popular musicians on the radio, then head over to the